Making sure our clients are compliant at all times

Making sure our clients are compliant at all times - Pocknells

Auto enrolment pensions

The situation: Under the new auto-enrolment pensions rules, all qualifying firms are now required to offer a pension to their employees.

The solution: Pocknells responded to this new legislation quickly and managed to partner with a selection of pension providers well ahead of auto-enrolment pensions becoming mandatory.

We wrote to all our clients well in advance of any schemes coming in to place and sent them guides on what they needed to do and providing information for them to distribute to their employees, advising on the scheme and the changes.

Our firm’s proactive approach meant we were able to give our clients a choice and in most cases, were able to secure a cost-effective solution for our clients.

As part of our payroll service we regularly upload auto-enrolment submissions to the relevant providers and notify the pensions authorities of any changes.

The outcome:

Our clients were able to take a proactive approach and were able to choose a pension scheme that worked for them and their employees. They can all be confident that their business is compliant, their staff are receiving the relevant benefits and they will not be receiving any fines from the pension regulators.

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